I have reverted to A.Yu. with violent pains in my back, loin and lower right extremity. The pains were so awful that I had to take analgetics. The pains in my side, in the area of appendicitis and right appendage could be also calmed only by analgetics. After my first visit to the healer the pain in the loin has so much decreased that first of all, I can't consider it as a pain. And secondly, I have reached the house on foot which I had never been able to do in the past. Everything I am telling you here is quite true! My breath has grown calm and my movements easy. 460-7.-.. Alexandrova November

I came to A.Yu. Novikov with my mother Minkova V.S. with very serious diseases - arthritis and osteochondrosis. She had very heavy pains in her feet, knees and ankles. After a few sessions the pains have been considerably reduced. My mother could already go for a walk, do some home work. We are very thankful to the doctor for this. The pains in the ankles have passed during the session as well as the pains in the knees. April 16, 1999 Ramenskoye, T.7 - 18 - ..

Dear Andrey Yuryevich! I am sincerely thankful to you for the relief you have brought to me only in the course of one session. This is especially important for me because you have done it free-of-charge. I wish you much health and health again in order you could always help us. Please, accept my sincere respect and gratitude. Captain G. Bulatov 14.01.99 tel:964-..-..

I, Kauchuk Galina Sergheevna, visited doctor Novikov A.Yu. on April 30 for the first time on the occasion of the pains in my knee. The pains were awful and nobody and nowhere could ever help me. I am registered in the Institute of Rheumatology and they have given me up. After Andrey Yuryevich's first session that lasted for an hour, I started flying, in the literal sense of the word. I am greatly thankful to him. My address is: Nagornaya street 12-3-43 Tel: 127-7. - ..

I am Volodina Lyubov Vasylyevna and I am greatly thankful to the healer Novikov Andrey Yuryevich for his aspiration to help people. I came to Andrey Yuryevich with the diagnosis of trophic ulcer. After the two sessions Andrey Yuryevich has conducted with me, I felt much better, my wound began already being closed and in the other place a new young skin has already appeared. I hope that the sessions by Andrey Yuryevich will do me good and my illness will abandon me. With big gratitude Volodina Lyubov Vasylyevna June 19, 99 480-8.-..

I, Shinkareva Maria Valentinovna, got into auto accident five years ago. I have got multiple fractures of my left lower extremity. For two years I was laying in a rehabilitation centre but the pains didn't stop. After the two sessions by Novikov A.Yu. the pains became weaker and then ceased at all. Now I feel quite healthy. I was touched greatly by the attention and concern Andrey Yuryevich has treated me and thank him very much. Shinkareva M.V. tel: 460-4.-.. (signature) 23.09.97

732-6.-.. Myronova O.V. born in 1968 I'd like to express my gratitude to the healer Andrey Yuryevich for his sensitive attitude and effective help. I came to him with the effects of lumbar spine trauma which was shown in the failure of the venous outflow on one side and the nerve compression on the other. After the first session the venous outflow has been rehabilitated almost completely and the pain in the loin has passed. July 1999 (signature)

I, Yesypova Yu.V. attended one medical session by Novikov A.Yu. in February. I had quite awful headaches, heartaches and disturbances of cardiac rhyme. On the second day I felt quite better. The headaches and heartaches disappeared, the feeling of vivacity and joy of living continued for 2 months. July 1999 Yesypova Kashira-2 Yubileynaya 10 -- 53

I, Selivanova Tatyana Borisovna, express my deep gratitude to a real healer Novikov A.Ju. While preparing myself to the operation on tightening the veins on my leg I made up my mind to use the last chance and saw Andrey Yurievich. During one session has he taken away the lump by size about a pigeon egg! During the second session the veins on the leg have been taken away and the leg became flat. I am greatly thankful to you and wish you much health. Signature 128-23-.. May 25, 2000

I am sincerely thankful to Andrey Yurievich for his kind attitude: while I addressed him for help on other occasion, I have got an aesthetic effect during three minutes: he took away the vessels from my face which had existed since the very childhood. The result was obvious at once. Let the God give patience, forces and well-being to Andrey Yurievich Novikov. Respectfully E. Ulanova May 12, 2000 Tel: 284-50-..

I am greatly thankful to Andrey Yuryevich ! During one session he has cured me of heavy dyspnea and the inflammation of the left ear. The pain in the knees has decreased and a cheerful feeling appeared. Being in such good spirits, I have done a lot of things at home, which I could not have done because of my health. I hope that the following sessions will take away all my ailments and I shall be able to live a life of full value. Let the God give health to the Healer himself! With great thanks Nina Georgiyevna Yevdokimova 319-03-.. April 29, 2000

I visited Novikov Andrey Yuryevich for the first time in 1998 with my daughter. She had a lump on her eyelid that had not passed for more than a year, and Novikov A.Yu. took away that lump during a five-minute session. I visited Mr.Novikov again myself in 2000 with the problem of urino-genital system and a medical session. I hope that the gift of Andrey Yuryevich will help me again. Mykheyev A.V. 967-91- .. December, 2000