ENGLISH - GOD'S WARRIOR: The phenomenon of A.Yu. Novikov

Materialization of body tissues, bone fragments and organs - that is their momentary or rapid reproduction, and if they exist - their rejuvenation and recovery of the functions.
The only in the world healer-materializer of body tissues, A. Novikov heals a large wound during an hour, makes the "assembly" of the patient's belly muscles and narrowing of waist for half an hour, rejuvenates the skin on the cheek during fifteen minutes. Our story is about Andrey Novikov, an orthodox healer, the hero of the Russian, American and Japanese TV programs, a famous expert-uphologist, the author of the books "Demons and Energies of Illnesses" and "Commentary on Castaneda".
A. Novikov is one of the few who can teach on Castaneda synthesizing this doctrine with orthodoxy (but we shall speak about it later).

Corr.: What made you help people in overcoming serious diseases?

A.Yu.: First of all the fact that I was being ill and struggling with my diseases for 40 years of my life. In the references to his work one can read: "I have never thought that in my 54 I shall become 40-year old during six hours"; "I have been treated for five years and after your first session I could run. My knees became like new ones"; "I had been completely burnt in an accident My mother brought A. Novikov and the pains passed but the whole body was itching greatly and I was scratching myself strongly. And then an alarm began in the hospital. Instead of the burn the whole body was covered with pinkish skin and instead of the bones there was a leg again but only it was thinner and weaker than the former one. And this is not all yet. On February 20, 1998, A. Novikov rang up to the Japan Embassy and foretold an earthquake. On Saturday, February 21, radio stations broadcasted that an earthquake of force 4,5 according to Richter scale had taken place in the Olympic Nagano. But the force was to have been 6. Thank your lucky stars. A. Novikov repeatedly offered his help to suppress and eliminate tornadoes and many other things.

Help in business, clairvoyance, luck in affairs, solution of problems - this is also one of his numerous sides".
During all our conversation A. Novikov was standing by the window feeding the tamed birds. Feeding birds for him is a way to strengthen communication with the spirit.

Before living I asked him the final question: "What are you?" . "I am the seeing one. You ought to see the structure of life. We are in the battlefield of evil and good forces. A man is a warrior of kindness, a warrior of the God". The most important thing in Castaneda shamanism is acquaintance with the spirit, then follows finding of personal force through contemplation and internal silence, moving of the "point of assembly" to the position of a "place without pity" and "place of absolute knowledge". ("All of us are contemplators", La Gorda used to say.)

A.Yu. Novikov offers his help in recoveries from osteochondrosis and numerous diseases of internal organs, sports traumas in the moment of address, growing thin for obese people, "assembly" of belly muscles in obese people or after childbirth; a special session for elderly people ("assembly", heart, nerves); rehabilitation and rejuvenation of the face and the body; defects of skin, recovery of lost vision; healing of ulcers, wounds, burns; momentary disposal of stresses, general indispositions, rejuvenation of elderly people till 30 years old during a long course of influence, strengthening of the belly muscles and narrowing of the waist. And also:

  • Taking out negative effects ("the evil eye", love-potion, programs, zombi).
  • Elimination of family disorders.
  • Depressions, problems at work and in relations, luck in business.
  • Diseases: men's and women's (prostatitis, impotence, urolithiasis, myomas, cysts, hernias, cystitis, infections)
  • Nervous diseases (parkinsonism, epilepsy, habit spasms, fears, phobias, post-stroke after-effects, effects of traumas and concussion of the brain).
  • Locomotorium diseases (traumas, bruises, fractures, osteochondrosis, cervical curvature, arthritis, arthrosis, etc.
  • Cardiovascular diseases, venous disorders.
  • Respiratory diseases (allergies, asthma, bronchitis, tracheitis, lung diseases).
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Endocrine diseases (thyroid gland, pancreas).
  • Vision and hearing diseases
  • Children's diseases including the results of childbirth traumas and many other things.

    The fifteen years of his stainless practice deserve our credit.

    T. 467-60-48, 262-84-34 From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.