ENGLISH - A Wonder-Worker from Golyanovo

This man is a living myth, epos and legend. Our story is about Andrey Novikov, an orthodox healer, the hero of Russian, American and Japanese TV programs, the author of the book "Demons and Energies of Illnesses", a famous expert-uphologist and director of the Central Museum of Abnormal phenomena.

At the end of the 80-s a misfortune happened in the family of my acquaintances. It was a stroke with paralysis and violent pains. A healer visited them - and during several minutes the pains have passed and the next day the patient could already sit. I remembered the name of the healer - it was Andrey Novikov. A year ago I heard that name again from a man who affirmed that he had been completely burnt in an accident and had had only bare bones instead of his legsThe victim's mother brought somebody and the pains passed but the whole body was itching greatly and he was scratching himself strongly. And then an alarm began in the hospital. Instead of the burn the whole body was covered with pinkish skin and instead of the bones there was a leg again but only it was thinner and weaker than the former one. All this took place during one day! Of course, I did not believe it. In reply the story-teller showed his legs to me. They were of different thickness and covered with strange tight plaits of skin. "This is the old flesh and that is the new one", he said.

And here I am, sitting at the healer's place, in Uralyskaya street, 6, in the healer Andrey Novikov's small room. He is a tired and a little bit heavy man wearing glasses. "In order to materialize lost or injured organs and tissues, -- he says, -- you need a special kind of energy which is put onto the "memory", the matrix of each organ." I asked him to give me some responses about recoveries from oncology, asthma, alcoholism personally and by the photo, from cold allergy, diabetes, prostatitis, liquidation of warts, kidney and thyroid gland diseases, and so on. A. Novikov says: "I have never collected any responses. I don't even know the name of the "Locomotive" soccer-player whose foot I have regenerated before the match with "Stutgart". On February 20 I rang up to the Japan Embassy and told them that an earthquake would happen in Nagano. On Saturday, February 21, radio stations broadcasted that an earthquake of force 4,5 had taken place in the Olympic Nagano. But the force was to have been 6. Thank your lucky stars". Clairvoyance, good luck in business, solution of problems - are also gifts of Andrey Yuryevich Novikov.

I ask him, "What are you?" . "I am the seeing one. You ought to see the structure of life. We are in the battlefield of evil and good forces". And I have believed in God.

M.Myshin, physician with thirty-year experience.

The healer's address: Russia, Moscow, Basmanny tupik, 6, of. 518.
Record on the phone: 467-60-48.The patent, guarantee for many works, repayment.