The materialization of body tissues, bone fragments and organs - that is their momentary or rapid reproduction and if they do exist - their rehabilitation and rejuvenation. Moreover, he does it quite contactlessly. Being possibly the unique in the world healer-materializer of body tissues, Andrey Novikov heals a large wound during an hour, makes the "assembly" of the patient's belly muscles for half an hour, rejuvenates the skin on the cheek during fifteen minutes. All this is done with a long-term result. A. Novikov is the former director of the Museum of Abnormal phenomena, the author of many books, the hero of the Russian, American and Japanese TV programs in 1988 - 1999, the creator of simple self-recovery from serious diseases, a healer with 15-year experience, one of the few who can teach on Castaneda synthesizing this doctrine with orthodoxy. In the references to his work we can read: "I invited A. Novikov in the morning and in the evening instead of the continuous combustion all my body was covered by dense pink skin"; "I have been treated for five years and after your first session I could run. My knees became like new ones"; "With my heart I rise on the fifth floor now without any dyspnea. After the only session!" A.Yu. Novikov has in his store recoveries from osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis, numerous diseases of internal organs, "assembly" of the belly in obese, elderly people or after childbirth, resorption of fats, a special session for elderly people (assembly, heart, nerves), rehabilitation and rejuvenation of body organs, brain, backbone and extremities, heart, nerve tissues, general rejuvenation till 30 years, sports traumas in the moment of address, recovery of lost vision, healing of ulcers, wounds, burns, fistulas, corns, momentary disposal of stresses, general indispositions, magic tasks.

Tel: 467-60-48 from 11.00 till 18.00, 262-84-34.